Who’s Pulling the Strings?

Today I’m referring you to a recent report by consumer group ‘Choice’ about how much influence the real estate industry has over newspaper editorial content. You will find a link to the report at the end of this blog if you would like to read it.

Essentially Choice is saying that the real estate industry, because it spends so much money advertising in newspapers, is able to influence editorial content in a way which favours the industry and at the same time often distorts the facts.

Who would have thought?

As a result the real estate industry is up in arms and is now attacking Choice, suggesting it should stick to testing washing machines and fridges.

I’m not so sure..

Recently the Sunday Times in Perth published a feature on the pros and cons of selling you home privately, including some tips on how to do it. In fact, the article was quite favourable towards the idea of selling privately and presented some comments from people who had successfully done so.

About a week after the story was published we, as real estate agents received a rather cap in hand apologetic email from the Sunday Times suggesting that in the interests of fairness and balance, a feature would soon be published from the real estate industry perspective.

Sounds to me like someone (guess who?) may have leaned on the Sunday Times editorial staff to redress the outrageous possibility that selling a home privately could, in fact be the best option for some people.

Talk about arrogance!

The Newspaper industry once described real estate advertising as “Rivers of Gold”!

I wonder why?

The sad thing for the general public is that an increasing amount of newspaper advertising is being funded by the sellers themselves in a medium which is becoming increasingly redundant and obsolete.

Why do you think News Limited has purchased the online vehicle for property advertising realestate.com.au and Fairfax Media Ltd owns Domain?

They’re not silly are they?

What do you think??

PS Here is the link to the Choice Report – “Real Estate’s Influence on Newspapers”.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts …. ->

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