Say ‘No’ to Vendor Paid Advertising

Anyone who has sold a property through me will know my views on Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA), you know, that practice where the real estate agent charges the seller thousands of dollars (usually upfront) to market their property.

Basically this is simply a way of shifting the financial risk from the agent to the seller.

Since the advent of the internet, it has been shown that approximately 95% of all buyer enquiry comes from the internet. So where is the justification for agents charging sellers for advertising?

I recently came across an interesting article by well known consumer advocate Neil Jenman on this very topic with which I totally agree. He says and I quote:

“It’s probably real estate’s biggest con. And it’s affecting thousands of property sellers every month.

It’s the advertising stitch-up and here’s how it works.

You decide to sell your property and you call the agent. The agent tells you that you’ve got a fine home and it’s likely to fetch a top price. All very plausible.

But then the agent starts to talk about the M word – “marketing”. In effect, the agent is not talking about ‘marketing’, he’s talking about ‘advertising’. And you are about to be conned into coughing up several thousand dollars, most, if not all of which, will be totally wasted.” Read the rest of Neil’s article…..

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