Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars

I know once upon a time it used to be the other way around but in this politically correct (PC) world we live in everyone is the same, according to Big Brother. If you want to know more about Big Brother, you must read George Orwell’s classic, “1984″. While you’re at it read “Animal Farm” as well.

George Orwell was one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century and while “1984″ and “Animal Farm” are two of his most famous works, he was a prolific writer and produced many classics.

So where are we going with this???

For a start the idea of women fighting alongside men in the front line of battle. Women have been involved in the armed forces for a very long time, at least as far back as World War I, and even before then. I have no doubt that women can kill an enemy as well as any man, given both are trained to do so and are up to the task in the first place.

The political problem as I see it is…….

bringing young men and young women together in close proximity for an extended period of time, in potentially life threatening circumstances. Young men and young women are naturally attracted to each other for obvious reasons other then their mutual admiration for each other’s intellectual capacity. There is the obvious physical and sexual attractions; and this in itself is problematic.

Just witnessing the current sex scandal at the Australian Defence Forces Acadamy (ADFA) should be proof enough of what can happen. And apparently this is no isolated incident. It wasn’t so long ago that HMAS Success was in the news for issues around sexual harassment and intimidation of female recruits.

As much as the academics and theorists would like us to believe otherwise, sexual attraction between men and women does exist, for good reason, and no amount of wishing it otherwise will ever change that fact. It’s what makes the world go round!

Life is not so much about idealism and lofty theories about equality, there is also a more important practical, every day side of things which Big Brother would prefer to ignore. It may be okay to have men and women together in the front line when we are not at war, but in a real life battle against a determined enemy, where there is no room for personal feelings or sentimentality, there are huge potential risks involved.

I wonder what our front line soldiers think? What do you think?

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