Happy Birthday – Bernie Kroczek Real Estate

10 Years Old!

Ten years ago this September, Bernie Kroczek Real Estate was born! So a Happy Birthday to us.

Bernie commenced his real estate career 28 years ago with Roy Weston in Duncraig where he stayed for a number of years. Those were the days when selling real estate meant hours of door knocking, dropping leaflets every week by hand, and there were only one or two methods of communication, face to face or the telephone!

How real estate has changed, now there are multiple platforms for getting your message out, from Websites such as this one, Facebook and Twitter to YouTube, Instagram, Blogs and everything in between.

Bernie however, still says there is nothing like getting in front of people on a face to face basis or over the phone. The rest are definitely useful tools for promotion of the business and in some degree promoting property for sale, but nothing beats a real live conversation.

From Roy Weston in Duncraig, Bernie worked for Roy Weston in West Perth for a many years honing his skills on the inner city market place before joining forces with Tommy Clarkin and forming Clarkin & Co operating out of West Perth in 1993 and later becoming Clarkin Properties. After 12 years with Tommy Clarkin, Bernie sold his share of the business and in September 2005, together with his wife Gai, opened Bernie Kroczek Real Estate.

Since then the business, which started at 376c Oxford St, Mount Hawthorn, has grown to include Total Care Property Management, a separate business looking after Property Management.

Bernie and Gai are both still very active in both sides of the business, and look forward to further servicing both our new and our faithful clients.

So Happy 10th Birthday to us!

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