Perth charges into bear market

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Australian Financial Review – Julie-anne Sprague, 4/11/2015 Perth property prices have slumped more than 6 per cent this year and experts say any recovery is at least a year away. According to the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, house prices in Perth plunged 4.2 per cent in Septmber, the biggest quarterly price drop since… Read More

Happy Birthday – Bernie Kroczek Real Estate


10 Years Old! Ten years ago this September, Bernie Kroczek Real Estate was born! So a Happy Birthday to us. Bernie commenced his real estate career 28 years ago with Roy Weston in Duncraig where he stayed for a number of years. Those were the days when selling real estate meant hours of door knocking,… Read More

West Australia Nurses Boom Time Hangover


So, screamed the headline in the Financial Review! After the biggest resources boom in 150 years it seems, the party is over. Only a few short years ago experienced commentators and business leaders were proclaiming a resources boom lasting decades. Alas, like so many crystal ball gazers, the predictions evaporated almost as soon as they… Read More

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


All of us here at Bernie Kroczek Real Estate would like to thank you for your support throughout 2014 and we wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and all the very best life has to offer for 2015. We hope you enjoy our little bit of fun!

Bernie says…


Bernie Kroczek Real Estate PO Box 309 Joondalup WA 6919 Office: 08 9300 0593 Bernie has been in real estate since 1986. After he had been in the business for a short while, he realized what it is that really attracts him to the real estate business. Quite simply, it’s the people. His natural ability… Read More

5 Reasons Why Australia is NOT Experiencing a Housing Bubble


The Commonwealth Bank has pinpointed five reasons why house price bubble signs are not evident in Australia. It listed the five factors that typically characterise a house price bubble. It then gave their reasons why they are not evident in Australia. 1. Unsustainable asset prices, but the current situation is: Prices supported by the excess… Read More

Price Growth Loses Momentum!!


Australia has a number of major property markets, mainly centred around the various capital cities. Then there are markets within each state. Even in the capital cities there are different markets. So, I find it somewhat confusing to hear things like “…. Real estate in Australia is booming”, or “.. Price growth loses momentum”. When… Read More

Too Many Units, Too Few Tenants!


This interesting article appeared in the Weekend Financial Review’s property section last weekend, (March 15/16). We thought you might be interested. The article warns investors of the traps associated with buying an investment unit in a market where supply outstrips demand. The cities mentioned with inner city vacancy rates in excess of 6% were Perth… Read More

Five Tips for Buying in a Rising Market


Nationally, property values are increasing and Perth is no exception. Often in a rising market where there is a shortage of stock, as we currently have in Perth, there can be a tendency to ‘rush in” due to fear of missing out. It only seems like yesterday, during the boom of 2006 when Perth prices… Read More

Shelter or Investment?


As you have probably seen in the media, there is a bit of a debate raging between the various commentators and interested parties about whether tax concessions for investment property should be abolished. This is an ongoing debate and comes up from time to time depending on the affordability of housing, particularly for first home… Read More

Should I Renovate to Sell an Investment Property?

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If you are thinking of selling an investment property, you’ve no doubt wondered whether you should renovate first. If it’s your first time, be warned. Renovating a house or a unit is not a simple task, and not necessarily a guarantee to bring in a higher price. Whether you are planning to do up an… Read More

Rates Hit Record Low


Four major banks will cut variable interest rates following the RBA decision to slash rates by 0.25 per cent to a record low of 2.5 per cent. Westpac has announced it will cut their standard variable interest rate by 0.28 per cent taking it to 5.98 per cent following the RBA decision to cut rates… Read More

Seven warning signs of a questionable property investment


By Adrian Barclay Friday, 21 June 2013 Baby boomers are guinea pigs in many ways. They are Australia’s first generation to retire on superannuation. It is an experiment designed to relieve the public purse of the burden of Centrelink pensions. One of the side effects of an experiment is mistakes. And there have been plenty… Read More

See Our Outrageous Guarantee!


Avoid agents who do not offer a guarantee. All agents will ask you to sign an agreement before you sell your property. But remember that you are being asked to sign their agreement. Many sellers bitterly regret signing that agreement with the agent. The solution is simple: If they want you to sign their agreement,… Read More

INSIGHTS: Proven Property Presentation Tips To Sell For More


Property presentation to maximise the sale price of your home is about removing any excuse for a buyer to ask for a price reduction. If you follow and apply the 5 steps below, you’ll dramatically reduce the chance of “leaving money on the table” when you sell. Property Presentation Tip #1: Clean your house from… Read More

Panic Buying Hits Home in Perth!!


…So screamed the headline in last weekend’s Australian Financial Review. Unlike a lot of the stuff you read in the press about the property market, most of which is written to generate either fear or greed, this one is true. Two years ago there were over 18,000 properties on the market in Perth. As of… Read More

First Home Buyers – where are you?


“First-home buyers at lowest share of new home loans in more than eight years: historical data to 1991″, this is the title of a piece written for ‘Property Observer’ by Larry Schlesinger on Wednesday (Feb 13, 2013). I think this will change in the March quarter, in Perth at least. That’s the problem with statistics,… Read More

Perth rents ease in December Quarter


It is good news for tenants, Perth’s rental market showed some signs of easing in the last three months of last year. Preliminary REIWA data show that for the December quarter the vacancy rate lifted marginally from 1.8 to 1.9 per cent, but the median rental price for units and apartments dropped by $10 per… Read More

To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question!


To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question! Interest rates in Australia are currently at their lowest level since May 2009 when they fell to just 3%. If you recall this was in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), otherwise known as “The Great Recession”. At the time the Reserve Bank… Read More

Housing Finance to stay in the Doldrums


According to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) minutes from their latest policy meeting suggested that more interest cuts were on the cards following a lower than expected outlook for GDP over the next year or so. Financing for housing is growing at its lowest level in almost 40 years as the Australian economy slows… Read More

Another Happy Customer!


Ralph Bilsby is delighted with the service provided by Bernie Kroczek Real Estate in their capacity first as the managing agent while their home was being rented and secondly when it came time to sell. Do you want your home sold? Do you want the highest possible price in the current market? Do you want… Read More

Increase Your Rental Income


Securing a strong yield in rental income is the strategy of many property investors. Strengthening this further doesn’t always have to wait until market conditions get better. Here are some tips: Replace Appliances – replacing the tired old oven or stove and replacing or adding a new dishwasher always adds to the appeal of a… Read More

RBA Interest rate cut is a meaningless gift…


As I always say, interest rates will move up and down but if you have a long term vision it doesn’t make all that much difference on a day to day basis; unless you’ve borrowed too much , that is. Here’s what Terry Ryder has to say: RBA’s interest rate cut is meaningless gift for… Read More

How to Increase the Yield on Your Investment Property


As has been well reported, residential rents have been going through the roof in Western Australia. So much so that first home buyers are doing their sums and the numbers suggest that it is becoming more viable to buy rather than continue on the rental merry go round. This assumes, of course, that one has… Read More

Interest Rates on Hold


Interest Rate Bulletin August 2012 – RBA Leaves Cash Rate Unchanged At its meeting today, (August 7, 2012) the Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 3.50 per cent. Statement by Glenn Stevens, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision. Having picked up in the early months of 2012, growth in the world economy has since… Read More

Investors now one third of the market..


PRDnationwide’s research analyst Aaron Maskrey says 34% of the property market is now investor-financed and set to increase as rental yields become more attractive. “Investors could now be tempted back into the property market as the rate of decline in values erodes away, while the equity market remains not only turbulent, but has provided returns… Read More

Are You At Risk?


Whether you choose to self-manage your investment or employ the services of a Property Manager, it is important that you work within the bounds of current legislation. There is a temptation to twist something to better suit us or to create a better outcome (and I’m sure at some time or another we have tried)…. Read More

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