“… bye, Sweetie”

So said my 4 year old granddaughter’s kindy teacher as my granddaughter left the classroom with her mother at the end of term.

Then it dawned on the shocked teacher what she had said, and, in a state of panic, quickly retracted her ‘… bye Sweetie’ and instead said ‘.. bye Ellie’. The teacher then went on to explain to Ellie’s mother that they are supposed to use only the child’s proper name rather than terms of endearment such as ‘sweetie’ etc.

What has the world come to, and in particular what has our education system come to?

I listened to an interview on ABC 720 last week where morning presenter Geoff Hutchison was interviewing a high ranking official from the education department. They were discussing the issue of teachers having physical contact with children. Apparently teachers are not supposed to have any physical contact with their students at all.

Geoff asked the question about what happens if a 5 year old falls over in the playground and becomes distraught or for some other reason becomes emotionally upset and just needs a consoling arm around the shoulder. The official replied that teachers were trained to respond to these students in a way which did not involve them having physical contact with the child.

Excuse me, did I hear correctly?

It is little wonder that teachers have lost control of the classroom and are becoming increasingly frustrated by a system which continues to set new standards in political correctness.

George Orwell would be chuckling in his grave.

Interested to hear what you think! Back to economic matters tomorrow.

I’m interested in your thoughts so have your say….

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