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Bernie Kroczek Real Estate
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Joondalup WA 6919
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Bernie has been in real estate since 1986. After he had been in the business for a short while, he realized what it is that really attracts him to the real estate business. Quite simply, it’s the people. His natural ability to listen with full attention and interest means he can quickly see a solution to a problem or difficulty, and then give the best possible advice for that particular situation. The end result is that his clients are quickly relieved of the stress that comes with selling their homes and then they can move quickly on after the sale. His core values are honesty, reliability, loyalty, and sincerity.

Bernie tries to apply these in every area of his life, including in his role as a real estate agent. In terms of service to his clients, he always seeks to give the best possible advice in every given situation, even if it means he’ll miss out on the business. He’ll never compromise his integrity, and above all, he likes to leave behind a trail of satisfied and delighted customers. He guarantees that he will only accept payment once his client is completely satisfied with the services.

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