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Avoid agents who do not offer a guarantee.

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All agents will ask you to sign an agreement before you sell your property. But remember that you are being asked to sign their agreement. Many sellers bitterly regret signing that agreement with the agent. The solution is simple: If they want you to sign their agreement, you must insist that they sign your agreement first. Just say to the agent: “I will not sign your agreement until you have signed my guarantee.”

And your Guarantee is the Real Estate Consumer Protection Guarantee for Home-sellers , designed following consultation with a legal team and advocates who are committed to increased consumer protection in real estate.

Until increased consumer legislation comes into effect, you are welcome to use the Real Estate Consumer Protection Guarantee for Home-sellers without cost or obligation. This guarantee can be used with any agent.

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Bernie Kroczek has been in real estate for over 26 years. He prides himself on offering an alternative to the usual way of doing real estate. He also likes to offer plenty of free information to help people make the best decision when buying or selling property.

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