Oh Ellie! How Could They Do This To You?

The mornings are getting cooler as the seasons move through autumn towards winter. We may be putting extra clothing on first thing in the morning, only to take it off again by lunchtime.

Such was the case with my little granddaughter, Ellie, who turned four only last week. She goes to kindy a couple of time a week and on this particular occasion it was a coolish morning so her mum had dressed Ellie in a singlet under her usual top. Come lunchtime, the temperature had warmed up and Ellie was starting to feel hot. She asked her kindy teacher, a young woman, if she, Ellie, could take off her singlet.

“That’s okay”, said the teacher. Ellie then proceeded to take off her top and then tried to take off her singlet. As you know if you’ve ever worn a singlet, you sometimes need to be a bit of a contortionist to get them off. How much harder then for a little four year old?

The teacher didn’t offer any assistance but stood by as Ellie struggled with her singlet, ending up sobbing and distressed by the whole ordeal though finally successful. (I wonder what would have happened had she not been successful?).

The teacher’s explanation to Ellie’s mum at hometime was that teachers are not allowed, in these situations, to touch the child, according to the rules, but rather have to stand by and simply encourage the child. Even though the simple, compassionate and intelligent thing would be to lend a helping hand, but, it is against the rules!

Has the world gone mad or is it just the education system with its Orwellian rules and ideology? Maybe it is just me! What do you think?

I’m interested in your thoughts so have your say….

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