It’s all an Illusion!

I saw an article on a News Ltd website recently about what was referred to as “real estate agents latest tricks”. Some real estate agents in Sydney are using computer software to enhance photographs of properties, which are being marketed for sale on the internet.

You know how it works, making a less than appealing property look fantastic.

The idea is that when buyers see the enhanced photos on the internet they will be more inclined to visit the property in person and therefore more chance of the seller receiving an offer.

Does it make sense then in the context of attracting more people to the property?

My question for you is, once you inspect the property and see that it looks nothing like it did in the photos, what will be your response? Will you feel the real estate agent has deceived you? Will you feel you have wasted your time? Will you by angry at being tricked into viewing the property?


Will you think ‘WOW!! Those photos on the net gave me some great ideas on how I can make this ‘sows ear look like a silk purse’’.

Is it any different to renting fancy furniture to enhance a vacant property (except that it is much cheaper)?

Photo enhancing goes on all the time in marketing, so what is the difference with this? Is this the way of the future??

I would really be interested in your views on this, as it may soon be coming to a home near you!

Oh and my view..

In case you are wondering, my personal view is that I would be disappointed and annoyed as a buyer, seeing that the actual property is not at the same standard as shown on the internet. Particularly if the price reflects the ‘enhanced’ condition and not the actual condition!

Maybe I am just old fashioned but I like to present things as they actually are. Of course, if you are the seller you may take a different view. You may think it is a great idea! Remember though that today’s seller is tomorrow’s buyer.

You can’t have it both ways.

Let me know what you think!

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